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Zippy Diagnostic

FleetCrew complies with all of the comprehensive diagnostic as mandated by the California Air Resources Board.

The objective of the diagnostic assessment is to demonstrate that a candidate engine is compatible with a DPF and that the engine is retrofit worthy.

Based on thousands of retrofit installations, FleetCrew staff continues to perfect the emission compliance procedures to ensure accuracy, quick turnaround and customer satisfaction. As an example, all of FleetCrew's field work is recorded on electronic work orders, and photos and files are attached electronically to the IQ storage system, allowing for instant upload to your customer file!

FleetCrew knowledgeable emission technicians are able to provide customers with experienced & professional pre & post installation emission services. In addition, FleetCrew ensures that service events are always recorded and warranty claims processed on your behalf!

Design Verification: Fleet/Equipment Assessment & Data Logging

Why is data logging required?
Two vehicles with the same engine make and model year may expel different levels of diesel exhaust emissions based on the criteria below and, therefore, may require different retrofit technology.

  • Temperature
  • Working conditions
  • Duty cycle
  • Engine maintenance levels, etc.

What does data logging achieve?
Data logging is the method utilized to determine the average temperature your engine performs at - during a normal duty cycle - in order to correctly select the proper retrofit device suited for your vehicle.

How does it work?
Our certified technicians will come to your site and professionally install the data logging device and based on the pre-scheduled appointment day return to remove the data logger at the end of the test cycle. FleetCrew will then process the data and then analyze & chart the results. Based on the results, FleetCrew will inform you of the best available emission control technology suitable for your engine in order to obtain CARB compliance.

Diesel Particulate Filter Installation

With over 16,000 filters installed by FleetCrew's Certified Technicians, we are chosen by most CA industries for complete CARB compliance management.

Because improper filter installation can result in potential damage to your equipment, it is imperative to partner with an experienced diesel particulate filter installer.