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Fleet Management

FleetCrew Dashboard & ISync®
Connect to Your Fleet!

Connect to your fleet via our FleetCrew Client Dashboard. The dashboard provides fleet managers with the visibility and the tools they need to make smart timely decisions in regards to fleet management and maintenance. Tracking maintenance statistics is now easier than ever with the dashboard, which allows you to view engine and filter maintenance alerts and recommended corrective actions, helping you improve fleet efficiency and performance while saving time and money!

How it works
After a FleetCrew technician has serviced your vehicle/equipment, the data is submitted to our FleetCrew IQ® database, and then readily accessible to you! The data is processed and displayed on your client dashboard and all you need is a username and password to access your account.

What you see
Once you login with your credentials, you have access to all of your valuable information such as DPF installation, PIC test results, service, durathon records, PM service, BIT inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Users are able to schedule services online, set reminder triggers, decline recommended repairs, and add additional service records to the file. Through your customer dashboard you are able to view:

  • Service Status at a Glance - Red / yellow lights display units that require service attention
  • Vehicle Location Mapping - View the domiciled location of the asset (ISync® GPS connectivity available)
  • Engine Details & Active Fault Codes - Including meaningful corrective actions recommended
  • DPF Filter Information - Filter info, serial numbers and last time serviced
  • Service Records - Records of any service visits and results
  • Service History Trends / Graphics - See trends in service history ..And more!

IPulse® Alert System
In addition, within the portal you can set up FleetCrew IPulse® notification alerts, so anytime FleetCrew services your vehicle, or you are due for service, you are alerted. Users can customize how results are delivered (i.e., email or text messages), the frequency of notification and whom they are delivered to within the organization.

FleetCrew Dashboard is truly the smart way to keep connected with your fleet, and have total control of your fleet management.

The best part? This tool is free for our customers and complimentary training is available!

ISync & Dashboard   [View PDF]

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