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DCL Mine-X Sootfilter ®

The DCL Mine-X Sootfilter diesel particulate filter (DPF) effectively reduces particulate matter (PM) and smoke from diesel engine exhaust. DCL diesel particulate filters are used to meet MSHA standards for particulate matter in underground mines, EPA or CARB standards for particulate reduction in diesel vehicle retrofits, or simply to improve air quality around diesel engines. A vehicle or engine retrofitted with a DCL Mine-X diesel particulate filter operates normally, using only the heat in the exhaust gas to continuously burn off the particulate matter. DCL diesel particulate filters work best in Tier 1 or higher diesel engines, such as construction, earthmoving and mining vehicles and stationary engines.

Specifications for the DCL Mine-X
  • CARB verification to Level 3+ (>85%) compliance for PM
  • Covers a broad range of engine models 1996 to 2011
  • Designed for diesel engines with 100-1,000 HP
  • Exhaust temperature profile of 300° C for at least 30% of the time
  • In addition to off-the-shelf designs, DCL specializes in custom filter designs that replace the original muffler and unique designs for tightly spaced exhaust systems
  • Virtually any type of connection is available, including pipe, tube and ANSI or DIN flanges
  • With the use of quick-release clamps and a modular design concept, DCL filters can easily be cleaned and serviced
  • DCL hardware is specifically designed for the most extreme duty applications

How it Works
The catalytically coated ceramic monolith contains long narrow channels open at one end and blocked at the other. The exhaust gas is forced to escape by passing through the filter walls, trapping the particulate matter (soot) inside the filter. At a high exhaust gas temperature, the soot particles burn away and transform into harmless carbon dioxide. The filter also destroys carbon monoxide (CO) and diesel hydrocarbons (HC).

The Mine-X Sootfilter diesel particulate filters are supplied with a backpressure monitor. Mounted in the operator’s cabin, the alarm device visually warns the operator of excessive build-up of ash or soot before the problem becomes serious.

CARB Executive Order

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