Experience You Can Count On

Why Partner with FleetCrew?

The FleetCrew team has a combined experience of well over 20,000 retrofits installed. FleetCrew is chosen by most CA industries for complete CARB compliance management. With such experience our practices and processes have been refined based on thousands of in-field engines and varying applications. Because improper installation can result in potential damage to your equipment, it is imperative to partner with an experienced vendor for proven engineered applications. In selecting your partner, consider what sets FleetCrew apart from the rest as your expert compliance and retrofit provider.

Diesel Engine Expertise

As an industry leader in diesel engine products and services, our FleetCrew staff performs comprehensive "Pre-Installation Compatibility" testing and datalogging to ensure engine and retrofit compatibility. We recommend that your provider performs a thorough engine inspection prior to DPF installation, and perform repairs accordingly.

Product Partnership

FleetCrew offers a full product range of proven and verified diesel particulate filter technology from the leading manufacturers in the nation. Regardless of your engine’s unique application and duty cycle, rest assured we have a product that suits your vehicle and engine needs. A limited product selection from retrofit providers may affect you because retrofits that are not compatible with your engines may cause DPF and even engine failure. In addition, a critical component to choosing your retrofit vendor is selecting a vendor, such as FleetCrew, who will properly manage your warranty.

Regulation Expertise & Compliance Planning

FleetCrew’s goal is to provide emission compliance to California fleets affected by CARB regulations. Our compliance experts are continuously educated on CARB’s ever-changing regulations. We maintain close relationships with government agencies and rule-makers to keep fleets informed and up-to-date on current events and the latest regulation changes.

Educational Training

At FleetCrew, we don’t simply sell you a “box”. We provide you with the necessary training tools and materials that are conducive to you becoming a more well-informed, prepared fleet owner / manager. We offer free educational help related to CARB compliance. Trainings are available in person or on-line for your convenience. In addition, we offer DPF Maintenance Training for your maintenance team on retrofit operation and how to properly maintain them. Finally, as an added service we offer personalized training at your facility.

Durathon DPF Maintenance / Cleaning

To help you protect your investment and ensure long-term CARB compliance, we offer maintenance programs for your substrate servicing needs. In addition, to keep your fleet running with minimal downtime, we offer mobile on-site cleanings and also substrate cleaning services at our fixed facilities. Should your substrate need a deeper clean, we can bake or pulse your substrate to ensure maximum cleaning. If your OEM substrate is eligible for the exchange program, we can service your truck with almost no downtime. Finally, at time of substrate removal/replacement, we can inspect your engine and/or DPF for any signs of additional service needs.

Reporting & Record-Keeping

Our FleetCrew IQ™ technology is an online database designed to store your fleet’s information and keep a running log of your service history and much more, allowing for accurate CARB reporting in DOORS and TRUCRS. In addition, FleetCrew safeguards your fleet information by keeping a complete back-up of all records. The IQ™ platform is a unique tool available exclusively at FleetCrew for your reporting and record-keeping needs. It gives you real-time access to your fleet information, such as CARB compliance records, data logging and baseline engine information, commissioning and other files, plus all warranty and service records

Complete California Coverage

Whether you’re a small fleet in a remote location, or a large multi-site fleet, FleetCrew has dozens of mobile teams that can ensure minimum downtime for your fleet. And our fixed service locations throughout California provide yet another alternative for your comprehensive emission and service needs.