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Specialized Compliance Assistance

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At FleetCrew we specialize in helping California diesel fleets achieve and maintain CARB compliance year round. If your fleet is currently out of compliance, we can help! 

A free consultation can help you save thousands of dollars in penalty fees! Call us now at (949) 482-5204 or get started with this form to receive specialized compliance assistance.



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1. Review Current Status  

FleetCrew will need your TRUCRS ID and login information in order to understand your current compliance situation.

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 2. Receive Professional Recommendations

FleetCrew will diagnose your compliance situation and give you a professional recommendation as to what needs to be done to achieve TRUCRS Compliance. 

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3. Resolve the Issue

Work closely with your compliance manager to develop the most cost-effective strategy to meet CARB's requirements.


4. Get into ARB Compliance

Acquire peace of mind knowing that you and your fleet are in good compliance standing.




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Includes 1 hour personalized consultation time & review of current compliance status per your TRUCRS reporting information.



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